ELT Supervision General – Kuwait MoE

Official Website

الموقع الرسمي للتوجيه الفني العام للغة الانجليزية

وزارة التربية – دولة الكويت

 Vision of ELT General Supervision:           

               Every learner is achieving at his or her maximum potential in an engaging, inspiring and challenging learning environment.

Mission of ELT General Supervision:

                 To promote students’ achievement and participation for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence, and improve their abilities and skills to succeed and communicate effectively.





ELT Supervisor General:

Mrs. Suzan Al-Bashiti

Site Builder: 

Mr. Emad Halawa


Mr. Ashraf Adli

Mr. Ali Alali

ELT Supervision General’s Cloud Storage:


14 thoughts on “Home

  1. beautifully and neatly designed 👍🏻
    great effort indeed
    appreciated by both teachers and students
    May God bless you all


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